Friday, May 11, 2018

Driving #2, Update

Welp I got my glasses. I really like them, there pretty simple, square frames. It is nice being able to see. Now I am just having trouble with insurance to re-learn how to drive. Besides that I started saving for a car. That is pretty slow with a low income but I think I can manage it. I have 500$ so far and hope to have 800-1000$ by next month. Maybe I can find something. I am looking for a small car or maybe suv but I want something with at least good gas millage. So I can afford to drive it. In the end there was no medical issue with driving. Did not have to get any extra paper work. I really thought I would need something with all my heart problems but nope. Passed the test on my first try. Missed two questions but one of them I second guessed my self and got it right on the first guess but went with the second wrong guess. The other I had no clue, never remembering seeing the information in the book or practice test. And I took the practice test about 100 times. It was an app. But in tell we figure out the insurance I am stuck. Even if I can find a car that does not need a ton of work and can pass inspection I cant insure it with out a licence and I cant seem to get a licence with out an insured car. But we will figure it out sooner or later, sooner I hope.

On a side note, Posts are coming pretty slowly. But I think tell people start reading and maybe I can get some interaction they will be pretty slow. I am not really sure what people want to read so I am not sure what to post.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


So I have a lot of scars. On my chest, arm, head, pretty much everywhere. The biggest one is of course my zipper. That is what we call the scar you get from open heart surgery. A zipper and being part of the zipper club. When I was six and had my first open heart I was very upset about the scar I would have after the surgery. A nurse that had been taken care of me found out I was upset. She went to a gift shop or store and bought this Barney stuffed animal. The purple dinosaur you know that sings to kids. I never really liked Barney even as a little kid but she most likely didn't know that. She took that stuffed animal and stitched a scar into it in the same spot I would have one. I do not remember if she gave it to me before or after, could ask my parents but it is not really the point. It was one of the nicest things any one has ever done for me. Made me feel a lot better. I carried that toy around with me all the time. Not as much as the blanket but still it was pretty important to me. I still have it, here at the house some where. It needs a bath pretty bad but its in good shape. After that I never really had that much problem with my scars. I gained a LOT more since then but I am pretty cool with them. They help show what I have been through. Some are not even from heart related problems. Broken bones and one from a sword. But all in all I never let them get to me. Thanks some what to that nurse from way back then.

Well Thanks for reading. That is the story for today.

Friday, May 4, 2018

New Logo

A friend of mine made a new logo for the blog! I put it on all the pages and on some buttons. It is pretty cool, was my idea but I can not do art so I asked a friend for help with the design. Later it might go on more things but for now I think some buttons are good, its a nice way to show support for the blog and hey advertisements and what not.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Strange Dream, Patch Work People

So I had this really odd dream last night. I kept being woken up by it, then I would roll over fall back asleep and end up in the same dream just a new place. The dream was about the world pretty much the same as it is now but every person had these patches. Kind of like Patch Work Sally but no stitching. You would be born with a few plain colored patches and as you aged you would gain new ones in new colors like red, blue, green, pretty much every color. How ever there was a birth defect you could have that would cause your skin to not make color pigment in bright colors so you would never have bright patches. I know this because one of the first places I was was in a doctors office being told I had this defect when I was like ten. Then the rest of the dream was jumping around to different places being picked on for my plain boring patches. In high school, in a restaurant, my parents telling me its fine other people have this problem too. It was so odd, and a little upsetting, each time I would wake I would try to sleep again and BAM back into the same odd dream. There where fat people and short people all with super colorful patches so they where seen as normal or good looking and I was healthy not super tall but boring patches so I was seen as ugly and a misfit. How odd is that. Now I laugh at the absurdity of the thing but it kind of feels like how my life was at times growing up, just with heart problems and not patch work people.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Driving #1

So I am 30 and I have never had a drivers license. I got my permit when I was 17 like every one. Bought a car when I was 18. And took one drivers test once. I failed it because I lived in a tiny town and I was never taken to a big town to drive, so I had no idea what a turning lane was. Then a few days after failing the first attempt my Implanted Defibrillator went off. That means my licence and permit was revoked for two years, no questions asked. Then about two years and a month later it happened again and again. When I moved to Pittsburgh I was still under a medical block for driving and after that I never really got around to getting a licence when the block was lifted. Well last month I decided it was time to try again, It has been quite a long time since my last Defib and I am pretty stable right now. So I looked into how to do it here in PA. You need a medical check up and paper work for that to take to the dmv. So I printed that all out and sent it to my PCP. He said my last check up was close enough to work. He filled it out and sent it back. So day before yesterday I go to the dmv. I am thinking something will be wrong with my proof of address or medical release because of my past problems or something. Or I just might not pass the little knowledge test you need to get a permit. But no, I go to the counter, hand them my paper work, all is in order. The lady says please look into this and read the third line. I look into the eye test and see nothing but blurs. I say that, honestly being important and all. She has me look into another one, same thing. So I failed the eye exam. Now she hands me this paper and says, sorry we cant proceed in tell you get a full eye exam.

So I go home, and start calling my insurance to see if I am covered. Turns out I am covered, so that is amazing. I ask them where would be a good place to go and they tell me a place close to where my GF works so after we go pick her up from work we head to the eye exam place. They drop me off and go do other things and I head in. Get all my insurance and paper work done. Now it has been 10 years since my last eye exam but then I had 20 20 in both eyes, amazing vision. So he turns on the test thing has me look at a mirror and asks me to read some lines. Nope cant see any of them, he goes from one page to another page the blurs are getting bigger but still completely blurs. He finally gets to the very last page, for those who have never seen a multi page eye exam the last page is just the top two lines on a older slandered eye exam. The line with three letters and the line with two letters. And those letters are HUGE. Can not make out the second line, if I force my eyes a little I made out the first line. We both look at each other and all I can say is, well guess the dmv was right. So then we start the is this lens better or this one. After a few minutes of that were finished. Turns out with out corrective lenses I am legally blind in one eye, and half as bad in the other. 20 200, that is very bad sight. Luckily with lenses I will have 20 20 vision.

The only thing that still gets me is how can I have gone from 20 20 to 20 200 in ten years, and just not noticed. I mean when did I stop being able to read signs that where thirty feet away and why did I not care that was true. Its crazy to me. But that is how it happened. Ether way I will get my glasses in a few days. Ten days from the exam or less they said. Then I can try for my permit again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is very important. I have tried mediation. I still do it from time to time, it can help. Once when I was 17 I was in my room meditating, I had been in a calm still state for over a hour. Then all the sudden I heard a loud noise kind of like some one snoring. It scared the geebies out of me, I jumped and flipped on the lights. But could not find anything. I was pretty much alone in the building to, so that was the worse part. Turns out tho I had just fell asleep sitting up, but mostly still awake if that works out. I snore, and I heard my self, and scared my self.

But Stress is also a state of mind for me. I try my very best not to worry about things. Some times I fail, I mean there is a lot to be stressed about in my life. Over all tho I manage to keep my stress pretty low most of the time. Having people to talk to and friends helps a lot to. My best friend I talk to every single day. That helps a lot. I also find for me, tv and movies help a LOT. I collect videos when I can, dvds mostly. And I love to watch Movies. Just some pop corn or what ever as a snake and a good comedy or action flick makes my day.

I know stress can lead to a lot of heart related problems. It causes higher blood pressure and faster heart rates. So try to find a way to keep your stress down when you can. If scented candles help, or a nice bath with salts. Or just talking to a friend about what causes you to stress out. Or even mediation to relax.

Well try to keep your stress down and have a nice day every one!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Blog Update #1

So I have no clue how often I will post, it really just depends if I have something I want to talk about or not. Its not always easy because I really do not care about posting facts and figures about heart disease or related topics. There are hundreds of other sites out there, that are far better for that kind of thing. So if there is a long pause between posts, I am sorry.

On another front, a friend of mine is working on a Logo for the blog. Its coming along pretty well. Maybe we will do merchandise or something, who knows. But once the logo is ready I will slap it on the blog and some cheap buttons or something to wear. Also I will be putting it on a Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch face. Mostly because I have the watch and I want to show off my blog on it, even if no one is looking.

Thanks for reading!