Monday, April 23, 2018

Blog Update #1

So I have no clue how often I will post, it really just depends if I have something I want to talk about or not. Its not always easy because I really do not care about posting facts and figures about heart disease or related topics. There are hundreds of other sites out there, that are far better for that kind of thing. So if there is a long pause between posts, I am sorry.

On another front, a friend of mine is working on a Logo for the blog. Its coming along pretty well. Maybe we will do merchandise or something, who knows. But once the logo is ready I will slap it on the blog and some cheap buttons or something to wear. Also I will be putting it on a Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch face. Mostly because I have the watch and I want to show off my blog on it, even if no one is looking.

Thanks for reading!

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