Tuesday, April 17, 2018

First Open Heart

When I was six I had my first Open Heart operation. The recovery was very long for the operation at the time. By design I lack most of my memories from around the operation and even from before it. I do have a few very specific memories tho. Today I will share a few of those memories. 

The first memory must be from just after the operation. I remember being on a tilted bed mostly strapped down. My mouth was very dry. I do not remember seeing much, though I could have been having trouble opening my eyes. Even more so if this was the first time I had woken up. However I do remember my mother was very close and talking to me. I did my best to convey the need for water. I do not remember what she said but I remember feeling water in my mouth. Later, when talking to my mother and others, I came to find that she had used a small sponge on a, for lack of a better word, stick to slowly put water into my mouth for what must have been a very long time. At the time there where many tubs and other stuff in and around my mouth making drinking impossible. 

I think the second memory I will share today is from some time after that. I remember far less tubs and other things about the room at the time so this might have been much later in my recovery. I remember my grandfather, on my mothers side, having a chat with some one I do not remember. He was talking about how he had given me a blood transfusion. I later came to understand this, however at the time that was very confusing to me.  I was to tried, at the time, to ask about it, and my grandfather was not close enough to speak to either way. 

The third memory I will talk about is from some time between the first and second. I do not really remember the time frames well but I know it was before hearing my grandfathers chat. My mother and father both were in the room with me. I was still pretty out of things. They gave me a blanket. They lied it down beside me at least. I think I discovered it some time later. A pretty cute little blanket with a bear on it. I love bears. Around the same time a nurse also gave me a Barney Toy. I never really liked Barney but, though I was told this after, before the operation I was at one point upset about the scar I was going to have. So a nurse who had cared for me at the time had got this Barney toy and stitched the same scar I was going to have into the toy. I love both of those presents even now. I carried that blanket around with me almost every where I went until an age much older then most would find normal. I even took it to school with me in my backpack. I still have both of them around.

Well that is all I am going to share today. Thanks for reading!

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