Saturday, April 14, 2018

First Post

Here is my first post, it will be pretty empty as its almost my bed time and I am pretty tired. I will look at posting more tomorrow. I just wanted to see what happens when I post and I am trying to find out why pages are not showing up and the nav bar is missing as well. Well maybe I can figure it out soon.

Edit 1 - I got the nav bar I wanted, turns out was not a nav bar at all, just a page gadget. Now its working xD

Edit 2 - So today I was a little annoyed because for like the last month I thought I might get a increase in my Disability income, but then Friday, after missing out on the first appointment because of a snow storm, I went to a Social Security Office appointment and found out that odds are I will not get the increase. I bring this up because its been on my mind all day and also It can be such a hard thing to live disabled and try to live off what SSI and things like SSI offer. I always feel bad for "looking a gift horse in the mouth" and yet it still weighs heavy on my heart that I have so much trouble living off my income as it is. And now I feel bad starting off this little blog of mine with a low, but do not fear, I will be adding some good highs later, promise.


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