Sunday, April 15, 2018

Food #1

So eating can be a major pain, even when not on a special diet. For heart decease you should really watch your salt intake, your liquid intake, and your fat intake. Right now they have me on a crazy restrictive diet for slightly high cholesterol. On a budget eating super healthy is very tricky but I have found some ways to manage it. Besides the normal no beef or pork, eat a lot of fish, turkey or chicken I have found a few other cool things. One very very useful thing is an Air Fryer if you can find a good deal on one get it. You can do fried chicken and fish, or vegetables in it and it comes out amazing.

One of my favorite recent recipes I keep making, you can find it on the recipe page, is a Salmon Veggie and Egg Fry. I make it with ether fresh or canned, tuna style, salmon Fresh is better but in a pinch tuna style works pretty well. Some mixed veggies, some times fresh some times frozen, and egg whites or Egg Beaters Egg Substitute. I really like honey mustard in there to. Mustard is very good for a diet, low sugar, fat free, and very tasty. Its pretty much a mix and cook, comes out about like a egg scramble. Ends up very tasty and only takes about 15 minutes to make for one person.

Another thing I found just this month is from Sams Club, if you do not have Sams Club you might find it elsewhere. Boboli Party Pack, it comes with eight pizza shells and sauces. Only 6 grams of fat and 10 grams sugar total for both the shell and the sauce, Tho it is a little salty. You can add other toppings based on your diet and tastes, so far I have used lunch meat, shrimp, chicken and even Tuna Fish. I throw it into my Air Fryer for 7 minutes, less or more if the toppings are raw or fully cooked. It comes out amazing, tastes amazing, is pretty healthy and I always add some Veggies to my pizza.

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