Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is very important. I have tried mediation. I still do it from time to time, it can help. Once when I was 17 I was in my room meditating, I had been in a calm still state for over a hour. Then all the sudden I heard a loud noise kind of like some one snoring. It scared the geebies out of me, I jumped and flipped on the lights. But could not find anything. I was pretty much alone in the building to, so that was the worse part. Turns out tho I had just fell asleep sitting up, but mostly still awake if that works out. I snore, and I heard my self, and scared my self.

But Stress is also a state of mind for me. I try my very best not to worry about things. Some times I fail, I mean there is a lot to be stressed about in my life. Over all tho I manage to keep my stress pretty low most of the time. Having people to talk to and friends helps a lot to. My best friend I talk to every single day. That helps a lot. I also find for me, tv and movies help a LOT. I collect videos when I can, dvds mostly. And I love to watch Movies. Just some pop corn or what ever as a snake and a good comedy or action flick makes my day.

I know stress can lead to a lot of heart related problems. It causes higher blood pressure and faster heart rates. So try to find a way to keep your stress down when you can. If scented candles help, or a nice bath with salts. Or just talking to a friend about what causes you to stress out. Or even mediation to relax.

Well try to keep your stress down and have a nice day every one!

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