Friday, May 11, 2018

Driving #2, Update

Welp I got my glasses. I really like them, there pretty simple, square frames. It is nice being able to see. Now I am just having trouble with insurance to re-learn how to drive. Besides that I started saving for a car. That is pretty slow with a low income but I think I can manage it. I have 500$ so far and hope to have 800-1000$ by next month. Maybe I can find something. I am looking for a small car or maybe suv but I want something with at least good gas millage. So I can afford to drive it. In the end there was no medical issue with driving. Did not have to get any extra paper work. I really thought I would need something with all my heart problems but nope. Passed the test on my first try. Missed two questions but one of them I second guessed my self and got it right on the first guess but went with the second wrong guess. The other I had no clue, never remembering seeing the information in the book or practice test. And I took the practice test about 100 times. It was an app. But in tell we figure out the insurance I am stuck. Even if I can find a car that does not need a ton of work and can pass inspection I cant insure it with out a licence and I cant seem to get a licence with out an insured car. But we will figure it out sooner or later, sooner I hope.

On a side note, Posts are coming pretty slowly. But I think tell people start reading and maybe I can get some interaction they will be pretty slow. I am not really sure what people want to read so I am not sure what to post.

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