Sunday, May 6, 2018


So I have a lot of scars. On my chest, arm, head, pretty much everywhere. The biggest one is of course my zipper. That is what we call the scar you get from open heart surgery. A zipper and being part of the zipper club. When I was six and had my first open heart I was very upset about the scar I would have after the surgery. A nurse that had been taken care of me found out I was upset. She went to a gift shop or store and bought this Barney stuffed animal. The purple dinosaur you know that sings to kids. I never really liked Barney even as a little kid but she most likely didn't know that. She took that stuffed animal and stitched a scar into it in the same spot I would have one. I do not remember if she gave it to me before or after, could ask my parents but it is not really the point. It was one of the nicest things any one has ever done for me. Made me feel a lot better. I carried that toy around with me all the time. Not as much as the blanket but still it was pretty important to me. I still have it, here at the house some where. It needs a bath pretty bad but its in good shape. After that I never really had that much problem with my scars. I gained a LOT more since then but I am pretty cool with them. They help show what I have been through. Some are not even from heart related problems. Broken bones and one from a sword. But all in all I never let them get to me. Thanks some what to that nurse from way back then.

Well Thanks for reading. That is the story for today.

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