Thursday, May 3, 2018

Strange Dream, Patch Work People

So I had this really odd dream last night. I kept being woken up by it, then I would roll over fall back asleep and end up in the same dream just a new place. The dream was about the world pretty much the same as it is now but every person had these patches. Kind of like Patch Work Sally but no stitching. You would be born with a few plain colored patches and as you aged you would gain new ones in new colors like red, blue, green, pretty much every color. How ever there was a birth defect you could have that would cause your skin to not make color pigment in bright colors so you would never have bright patches. I know this because one of the first places I was was in a doctors office being told I had this defect when I was like ten. Then the rest of the dream was jumping around to different places being picked on for my plain boring patches. In high school, in a restaurant, my parents telling me its fine other people have this problem too. It was so odd, and a little upsetting, each time I would wake I would try to sleep again and BAM back into the same odd dream. There where fat people and short people all with super colorful patches so they where seen as normal or good looking and I was healthy not super tall but boring patches so I was seen as ugly and a misfit. How odd is that. Now I laugh at the absurdity of the thing but it kind of feels like how my life was at times growing up, just with heart problems and not patch work people.

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